Nowadays, number 1 request by people looking for apartments for rent is safety. Safety factor seems to delete all other advantages or disadvantages in a second. This is especially true if the customer is family with children. According to renting agencies, families look for peaceful, children – friendly and safe neighborhoods, with schools, playgrounds and different facilities in vicinity. If pets are allowed as well, the neighborhood has all that it should for a pleasant stay. claims that their apartments, Scott Mountain Apartments are exactly that way: safe, picturesque and luxury.

First of all, the webpage mentioned above is user-friendly and very informative. You can find every possible info you may wish to know before visiting the location online. There are details on the access, prices, sizes, everything included in the apartment price, community amenities explanation, photo gallery and contact. Additionally, you can make orders and send payments online as well! This time-saving app can be quite useful if you are coming from far cities.

Apartments site is very easily accessible. It is near the War Veterans Memorial Freeway. The Altamont park is rather close to the site, as well as the Willamette and Lincoln National
Cemeteries, which can be landmarks for your access, depending on which direction you are coming from.

If you decide to rent an apartment after visiting the site, you will surely be pleasantly surprised with the amenities of your new community. You have it all, from the basics, such as regular services and Wi-Fi, to luxury facilities, such as hot tub, swimming pools, extraordinary fitness club, fancy clubs, bars and restaurants, etc.

You can choose between single, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments whose areas vary, so do the prices. The cheapest apartment is 890 dollars per month, while for the most luxurious one, which has some extra features as well, you will have to spend 1,715 dollars per month.

Lets not forget to say that pets are very welcome in the neighborhood. You can bring in 2 cats or dogs. The maximum limit for the animal’s weight is 25 lb per pet and price is 25 dollars. However, you will have to leave a deposit, amounting 250 dollars per pet.

Garage and parking places are not a problem either. You will have covered parking space and detached garage available. It is important to emphasize that the community itself also does not have any problems with parking spaces.

Peculiarity of these apartments environment is lots of greenery and vegetation that will surely make your stay more pleasant. People with dissabilities also have all necessary facilities and accesses. Your children will love the neighborhood and so will you. Pets are also allowed and welcome.


All of you dreaming of the perfect home, at a reasonable price and high safety for your children will be positively surprised with what the Scott Mountain Apartments have to offer. The information you will find at, provide a good insight into the apartments’ floor plans, community amenities and prices.

Location  Scott Mountain by the Brook Apartments are located in the 7828 SE Aspen Summit Dr, in Portland, OR 97266. You can find them easily due to short distance with the War Veterans Memorial Freeway.

This pet-friendly, safe and pleasant comunity will offer only the best accomodation and services for you and your family. If you wish to get a fully furnished kitchen, a lot of storage space and celing fans included, as well as covered parking space and use of swimming pool and fitness center, you should take a better look at the Scott Mountain Apartments, since they provide all of the above.

Luxurious? Yes! The apartments do have the luxurious touch, since some of them have vaulted ceilings, great views, built-in desk spaces and weelchair access. Additionally, there are private balconies and patios where you can enjoy your meal. In all of the apartments there are all necessary cables, as well as hi-speed Internet connection. Spacious walk-in closets are every woman’s dream-come-true, so ladies, welcome! Additionally, all of the pet lovers will be very pleased to hear that 2 dogs or cats are allowed, with max weight 25 lb per pet, at 25 dollars rent and 250 dollars deposit.

Community Amenities: Community amenities are truly amazing. 24-hour maintenance response is available, just like the after hours emergency maintenance service and courtesy night patrol. Therefore, no need to worry about your safety and emergency situations. The site has the access to the freeway and public bus transportation access within walking distance, which is a great plus. Almost everywhere there is access for those with dissabilities. Same goes for certain apartment units. There are also luxury community amenities available, such as spa, hot tubs, swimming pools, sundecks, playgrounds and fitness center with the best cardio and weights equipment, amphitheater, outdoor sports court, clubhouse, bars and restaurants. There are groceries far only a minute on foot as well as playgrounds for your children. Supermarkets and elementary school are also within 10 minutes walking distance, which is perfect for families with children.

Prices: The rent price ranges from 890 dollars to 1,715 dollars per month. It depends on the size, type and quality of the apartment you chose. However, all of the above mentioned and the quality of the neighborhood it is located in is worth every cent.

FIND YOUR OASIS OF PEACE IN SCOTT MOUNTAIN is the official page of Scott Mountain Apartments which, at the very first sight, gives the sense of security and trust. We have made a research on the neighborhood and are bringing great news to all of you looking for an apartment in this area.

The neighborhood is marked and described by the locals as highly recommendable, due to its very high safety standards. You do not have to worry about possible security issues, since there is courtesy night patrol that makes sure everything is under control. In case of other emergencies, there is 24/7 maintenance response service, as well as after hours emergency maintenance service at your disposition.

After the safety factor is satisfied, you will probably think of other things that make your life easier. This community is simply perfect in terms of amenities. There is wireless internet access almost everywhere, assigned carport and package receiving service available and access for people with dissabilities in the neighborhood (and in some apartments as well). One of the best things is that you will never have to think of how to find a parking space, since there are lots of and there are also covered parking lots and detached garages available.

When it comes to pleasure and leisure, you can choose between sauna and spa center, modern fitness center, swimming pools and hot tubs, sun decks, parks and gardens, clubhouses, restaurants and bars.

Children will also be very happy during your stay in the neighborhood, since there are playgrounds with numerous facilities for them.

There is also elementary school, within a walking distance from the apartments, which will make your life easier. No need to drive kids to school anymore! Additionally, the safety factor is even higher this way.

Accessibility to the site is maximum. If you do not own a car, no worries! Public bus transportation is easily accessible within walking distance and if you do own one, the site has an easy access to the freeway.

Renting terms and conditions, as well as paying, are more than favorable. There is possibility of getting a short term lease. Additionally, pets are not a problem here. You can have a cat or dog, times two! Each pet must not exceed 25 lb limit. The rent cost is 25 dollars and deposit is a must in this case, 250 dollars per pet.

The apartments’ rents vary. For one bedroom apartments with area varying from 636 to 656 meters square, with one bathroom, your monthly rent will cost from $890 to $1,235. Two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, of area varying from 930 to 951 meters square costs from $1,080 to $1,450 per month. Three bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, of 1072 meters square area costs from $1,320 to $1,715 per month.


Scott Mountain Apartments in Aspen Summit Dr, Portland, are a great, modern place to live in. They represent the model of urban, contemporary, but safe and coasy neighborhood for families and individuals seeking similar values. provides lots of useful information on the properties, location, size, prices as well as apartment floor plans, which we will describe in this article. Therefore, if you are interested in renting one of these perfect apartments in one of the best neighborhoods around, keep on reading.

One bedroom apartment:

One bedroom apartment is perfect for singles, looking for a coasy and comfortable, yet affordable place to settle in. The dimensions of this apartment are perfect, since there are no space wastes. Still, the space is arranged in such a way that you can surely feel free and comfortable in every situation. The entry is centrally located. On the left there is a small but sufficient kitchen; on the right bath with all necessary facilities. On the second right, you enter the room for washing and drying and on the second left you have dining room, which is very well positioned, due to the fact that it is close to the kitchen. Dining room is connected to the living room. Actually, these two rooms are open-plan based, so that you get the sense of a larger space. Additionally, this way you can make your furniture arrangement the way you want, in many combinations. From the dining and living room space you enter master bedroom directly. Bedroom is connected to the walk-in closet. The living room has large windows and exit to he deck / patio, which is connected to the storage on one end. Sounds good? This perfection can be yours for as low as 890 dollars per month.

Two bedroom apartment:

The two bedroom apartment also has a good spaces arrangement. The centrally positioned entrance leads you to living room, dining room and kitchen open-plan space on the left and bathroom on the second left. On the right, there is washing and drying chamber and one bedroom with large windows, along the corridor. Master bedroom is right next to it, with access to its own walk-in closet and private bath. Living room, dining room and kitchen space have a good view, large windows and exit to deck. There is also additional storage space. Prices vary from 1,080 tp 1,450 dollars.

Three bedroom apartment:

The centrally positoned entry on the west leads you to corridor that goes to the washing and drying chamber and all of the bedrooms. Two bedrooms are on south, while the third one, master bedroom is on the east. Master bedroom also has access to walk-in closet and private bath, plus the exit to patio. The other bath is close to the entrance to the apartment, while living room, dining room and kitchen are one big spacious chamber with exit to deck. This apartment type also has enough storage space connected to the patio.