Choose Your Perfect Apartment in Portland

Scott Mountain Apartments in Aspen Summit Dr, Portland, are a great, modern place to live in. They represent the model of urban, contemporary, but safe and coasy neighborhood for families and individuals seeking similar values. provides lots of useful information on the properties, location, size, prices as well as apartment floor plans, which we will describe in this article. Therefore, if you are interested in renting one of these perfect apartments in one of the best neighborhoods around, keep on reading.

One bedroom apartment:

One bedroom apartment is perfect for singles, looking for a coasy and comfortable, yet affordable place to settle in. The dimensions of this apartment are perfect, since there are no space wastes. Still, the space is arranged in such a way that you can surely feel free and comfortable in every situation. The entry is centrally located. On the left there is a small but sufficient kitchen; on the right bath with all necessary facilities. On the second right, you enter the room for washing and drying and on the second left you have dining room, which is very well positioned, due to the fact that it is close to the kitchen. Dining room is connected to the living room. Actually, these two rooms are open-plan based, so that you get the sense of a larger space. Additionally, this way you can make your furniture arrangement the way you want, in many combinations. From the dining and living room space you enter master bedroom directly. Bedroom is connected to the walk-in closet. The living room has large windows and exit to he deck / patio, which is connected to the storage on one end. Sounds good? This perfection can be yours for as low as 890 dollars per month.

Two bedroom apartment:

The two bedroom apartment also has a good spaces arrangement. The centrally positioned entrance leads you to living room, dining room and kitchen open-plan space on the left and bathroom on the second left. On the right, there is washing and drying chamber and one bedroom with large windows, along the corridor. Master bedroom is right next to it, with access to its own walk-in closet and private bath. Living room, dining room and kitchen space have a good view, large windows and exit to deck. There is also additional storage space. Prices vary from 1,080 tp 1,450 dollars.

Three bedroom apartment:

The centrally positoned entry on the west leads you to corridor that goes to the washing and drying chamber and all of the bedrooms. Two bedrooms are on south, while the third one, master bedroom is on the east. Master bedroom also has access to walk-in closet and private bath, plus the exit to patio. The other bath is close to the entrance to the apartment, while living room, dining room and kitchen are one big spacious chamber with exit to deck. This apartment type also has enough storage space connected to the patio.

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