Safe and Luxury Apartments for Everyone

Nowadays, number 1 request by people looking for apartments for rent is safety. Safety factor seems to delete all other advantages or disadvantages in a second. This is especially true if the customer is family with children. According to renting agencies, families look for peaceful, children – friendly and safe neighborhoods, with schools, playgrounds and different facilities in vicinity. If pets are allowed as well, the neighborhood has all that it should for a pleasant stay. claims that their apartments, Scott Mountain Apartments are exactly that way: safe, picturesque and luxury.

First of all, the webpage mentioned above is user-friendly and very informative. You can find every possible info you may wish to know before visiting the location online. There are details on the access, prices, sizes, everything included in the apartment price, community amenities explanation, photo gallery and contact. Additionally, you can make orders and send payments online as well! This time-saving app can be quite useful if you are coming from far cities.

Apartments site is very easily accessible. It is near the War Veterans Memorial Freeway. The Altamont park is rather close to the site, as well as the Willamette and Lincoln National
Cemeteries, which can be landmarks for your access, depending on which direction you are coming from.

If you decide to rent an apartment after visiting the site, you will surely be pleasantly surprised with the amenities of your new community. You have it all, from the basics, such as regular services and Wi-Fi, to luxury facilities, such as hot tub, swimming pools, extraordinary fitness club, fancy clubs, bars and restaurants, etc.

You can choose between single, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments whose areas vary, so do the prices. The cheapest apartment is 890 dollars per month, while for the most luxurious one, which has some extra features as well, you will have to spend 1,715 dollars per month.

Lets not forget to say that pets are very welcome in the neighborhood. You can bring in 2 cats or dogs. The maximum limit for the animal’s weight is 25 lb per pet and price is 25 dollars. However, you will have to leave a deposit, amounting 250 dollars per pet.

Garage and parking places are not a problem either. You will have covered parking space and detached garage available. It is important to emphasize that the community itself also does not have any problems with parking spaces.

Peculiarity of these apartments environment is lots of greenery and vegetation that will surely make your stay more pleasant. People with dissabilities also have all necessary facilities and accesses. Your children will love the neighborhood and so will you. Pets are also allowed and welcome.

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